Owner | President

Francisco aka Paco, is the president of Bru Med Travel and offers more than 48 years of experience in tourism. Born in Madrid, Spain he always had great passion for geography. In 1968, he took his first job at the Principe Pio Hotel in Madrid in the reservations department and also helped as being the concierge at hotel. In 1978, he immigrated to South Florida and started working as a travel agent for Federated Department Stores, the old Burdines. Soon thereafter, he got promoted and served as area manager for 3 of their travel agencies. In 1989, Paco decided he wanted to be his own boss and so with the help of his wife, Rosy, and family, he left his managerial position and opened the doors to Bru Med Travel. Paco has had the opportunity to travel to more than 110 countries and has owned his business for more than 28 years. His dedication, professionalism and passion can’t compare. His favorite destination is of course, Spain, as it is “the mother country” and he carries deep in his heart.

His favorite pastime is visiting his grandkids Marco, Mia and Eddy. His second passion is working on his impressive stamp collection, cataloguing and getting those one of a kind stamps.

Owner | Vice President

Rosy counts with more than 32 years of experience in tourism. Born in Quemados de Güines, Cuba, Rosy had a passion for music and from a from a very young age she loved to sing. Due to the communist regime in Cuba, her dreams of becoming a professional singer were destroyed and in 1970 she left the island with her parents and immigrate to Madrid, Spain. There, she started working for Julia Travel in the excursions department and is where she met Paco. In 1976, they got married and in 1978 they immigrated to South Florida. Rosy dedicated a few years to taking care of her two girls and in 1989, joined Paco in opening Bru Med Travel. Rosy is the one that organizes all of the exclusive group-tours offered by Bru Med. She also specializes in individual vacation packages.

Her favorite destinations are Italy and Israel. Her favorite pastimes are her grandkids Marco, Mia and Eddy and also decorating and sewing.

Travel Agent

Alicia counts with more than 23 years of experience in tourism. Born in Habana, Cuba, she loved going on vacation to Varadero Beach or Santa Clara to visit her family. From a very young age she enjoyed, along with her parents, the trips around the different provinces in Cuba and there is where her passion for travel began. At age 15 she had to leave the island of Cuba due to the communist regime and immigrated to Miami, FL where she finished high school. Thereafter, she studied at the University of Puerto Rico and is where she met her husband, Arturo. Later on, she obtain her Travel Agent certification from Florida International University and took part of the Bru Med Travel team in 1994. Being our expert in finding the impossible, Alicia is a full service agent, working on cruises and specializing in vacation packages inside and out of the U.S. In her free time, she loves doing crossword puzzles, play Sudoku, cooking and planning family reunions.

She has been married for 49 years and had 4 children and has 3 wonderful grandchildren Javy Jr., Katerina & Gabriel. Her favorite places to visit are Italy and Spain…she just loves their epicureanism and history.

Travel Agent

Lourdes is a full service agent with more than 20 years experience in the travel industry. Born in Havana, Cuba, she worked in tourism for almost 13 years until she immigrated to South Florida with her son in the 90’s to reunite with her parents and brother. Once she arrived in Miami, she continued to work in the industry and joined the Bru Med Travel family in 2015. Lourdes is our vacation package specialist and loves digging to find the ultimate deals for our clients. She is committed to offer the best service and options, so that our clients may enjoy a wonderful vacation experience.

In her spare time, Lourdes is a history buff and truly enjoys watching Travel Channel and History Channel!

Travel Agent

Judith is a full service travel agent with more than 27 year experience in tourism. Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, she is the youngest of 10. She studied to be a Teacher at the University of Puerto Rico and in 1985, Judith met her husband and within 6 months were married and moved to Miami. Once she arrived in Miami, she discovered a different passion to teaching…”the world of travel”. She studied and obtain her Travel Agent certification and has been working in the industry ever since. She is honored to be able to serve all those who allow her to plan their travel arrangements. Judith is a full service agent specializing in cruises. Judith has 4 children and 4 grandchildren and in her free time she enjoys cooking, writing and reading.

She is thankful to God for being a part of the Bru Med family.